0b0t Wiki

The Beginning

Cmanbrine wanted to make a spawn bot that would auto kit people. He thought it would be funny and destroy the economy. He also used cmanhack for the auto kitting tool.

The First Test

Hunterj1234 announced the bot on July 29, 2020, at about 12:00 pm. Many people didn't believe him, but newfags tried it out and many people were surprised that the newfags said it worked. This went on for about 10 hours. Hunterj1234 then disabled the bot for a short period of time, as he needed to dupe.

Perfecting the Bot

After Hunterj1234 duped, he decided he was gonna ban the people from abusing the bot. This led to him banning tons of players spamming the -kit command. He shortly after went to dupe again.


Hunterj1234 decided to not ban anymore people because it was funnier to see the spam in chat. This led to tons and tons of spam in chat of people just saying -kit. Hunterj1234 and prismarinebricks started to realize that people were kill farming the bot to maximize kit output. This led to them tping to these people and 1v2ing them. People such as the server owner himself: 0bOp also started doing -kit. FeetEmCee also did -kit.