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0b0t.org is a minecraft anarchy server from 2016 in a rule-free Pvp environment, with little change to the vanilla survival gameplay. 0b0t is an alternative to the popular server 2b2t.org without the long queue, but with active teleportation outside the spawn area. Since there are no rules hacking, swearing and raiding is allowed. Unlike on other servers, the owners are not intrusive and everything you can see on the server was created by the players. The server has many player slots and is hosted on a quite powerful machine. It is also known for its active mapart making community. There are active dupes and most players are friendly and will give you equipment. The server had some ownership changes over the time, but the current map of 0b0t is based on the map of 8ut server from july 2016.


4chan advertising in 2016

Minecraft-Server: 0b0t.org

Website: https://0b0t.org

Discord: https://discord.0b0t.org/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/0b0t/

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History and Lore

A more detailed timeline can be found here: https://time.graphics/line/320989

Introduction Video