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0bOp ist das Markus und nicht der Kuhlere Markus

0bOp is one of the owners of 0b0t, along with TimJongUn_ and owns the entire 0b0t server. He has been the owner since the server started in 2016, and he is apparently one of the oldest ancientfags around. 0bOp doesn't have to worry about the server as much as a normal server owner, since owning an anarchy server means he doesn't have to worry about hiring admins, adding things to the server, moderating chat, banning people, or really doing anything except making sure the server stays playable.


0bOp has been criticized for directly interfering with the 0b0t world using MC Edit by adding or removing things such as massive lag machines. 0bOp has also been praised and criticized for adding End Portals to the world. The community of 0b0t likes to joke that 0bOp doesn't do anything with 0b0t unless he is high on cocaine. 0bOp has also been notorious for not being involved with the server for long periods of time, letting players do what they wanted (which to some oldfags was a good thing) as well as giving X0Z0 of the priority queue system. His game breaking rules are criticized due to the fact that the server is an anarchy server where anything should be possible but has received praise as these glitches and hacks would make the server pointless and not very fun.


In 2017 0bOp attempted to enable the elytra while using AAC as the server's new anticheat. In that day, over 90 people were kicked, even players that weren't using hacked clients. In the same day, over 100 emails were sent to 0bOp telling him to remove AAC as there were too many false kicks, but none received a response. The change was later reverted. After a short time, 0bOp re-added AAC in early May with a much better update 3.1.6 which reduced the number of disconnects and issues being reported on the server. While hacked clients are still buggy as hell, the raging has slowed down significantly.

Patches and rules for breaking the game

0bOp currently has only one thing patched that has to do with vanilla Minecraft and does not involve hacking or glitches. That patch was for Frost Walker, an enchantment added with Minecraft Update 1.10 that allowed some players to freeze entire rivers, buildings with water, and even oceans. Another object that has attracted a lot of attention is the Elytra, as players have found glitches and hacks that cause infinite flight. Finally, 0bOp has found the first Elytra glitch in the



The only "rules" 0bOp has added to the server are that it is illegal to use game-changing tools that make the game unfair. He has added plugins to make sure that people who use insane speed and fly hacks get kicked off the server. He has also patched several dupe glitches, backdoors, and other hack-based glitches (e.g. Bed TP). 0bOp is known for using MC Edit to get rid of ridiculous lag machines and illegally placed bedrock, and once removed a huge wall around spawn (which ironically happened not long before PixelatedBrayden joined). Despite all of this, he lets players keep duplicate items and usually takes his sweet time patching things, which results in players being able to squeeze as much out of glitches as possible.

Backdoors and OP account

The server has currently been backdoored 3 times. The first backdoor was caused by Minezeps during the early A Server Owner For Fun Era, which allowed his thunderhack, enchanted blocks, and hacked items, the second by Ethereas and X0X0 to allow for them to reach the world border and create more hacked items, and the third during Covid, which allowed for insane destruction caused by PixelatedBrayden.

The third backdoor was the most insane to this date. The Tyranny managed to hack the account of 1_p, the first owner of 0b0t. While many believe this to be illegal IRL because it is theft of property and the access of email accounts from Dark Web sites in good old China (+Social Credits), 0bOp did not press any charges against PixelatedBrayden. The group used the OP account to destroy several large builds and even to forge super weapons with insane enchantments like lvl 32K sharpness swords, knockback swords that could kick a person for flying, and looting swords that could crash the server by making mobs drop thousands of items at once. This caused an arms race for these weapons around the server until 0bOp realized that these weapons existed so he returned these weapons back to normal vanilla enchantments. The group also used the account to create player heads of various players.

0bOp has managed to patch all these backdoors. He stopped Thunder Hack by disabling thunder on 0b0t, and regained his alternate account either by deleting it or changing its password/username.

Queue and CrasherFiasco

The current Queue system that has been implemented into 0b0t is the revamped queue suggested by [[hub]]. 0bOp created the original queue to try to control the flooding from SalC1's video, however, it was not the greatest queue system. This caused a lot of people to be angry (especially oldfags). Hub suggested to 0bOp that he could buy the server in order to make it lag free, but 0bOp thankfully declined the offer because 0b0t would arguably be much worse and wouldn't have it's original 'feels'. Hub then suggested the current queue. 0bOp later made a post about the fiasco, saying that Minecraft is just a block game.

Improvements to server

0bOp is currently been working on new plugins to help improve the overall gameplay of 0b0t. Follow the link below to see all changes and improvements to come. After the war, 0bOp would do a few more things such as re-enabling elytras, then disabling them again later, (no) thanks to SalC1. He also updated 0b0t to 1.11, which patched the 11/11 dupe. He also patched the Donkey dupe and llama dupe.

Other Admins

0bOp is from germany, like 1_p, and they know each other in real life, as confirmed in the original 0b0t facepunch thread. While it is generally recognized that 0bOp is the sole admin (atleast meant to be) on 0b0t, it has been speculated and theorized that there are/were others.

  • 1_p - suspected to be an actual person rather than just 0bOp's alt account
  • Ethereas - due to suspicions of possible collusion between 0bOp and Ethereas during 3rd backdoor crisis.
  • Krazzzymonkey - It is also possible that 0bOp gave admin access to other players from the 8ut era, however very unlikely.
  • hub - 1_ps little crony who runs the queue system due to an agreement between 0bOp. It is suspected that X0Z0 possibly has more power than anticipated. These suspicions rise from admin on the subreddit to even as far as in game control.
  • PixelatedBrayden - Rumoured to be the shadow owner of the server, the front man of all backdoors and shady deals with Leeeunderscore.