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1_p is the original and lesser known owner of 0b0t. He still owns the server of A Server Owner For Fun, which is his long-time friend, and is working on several plugins for 0b0t. 1_p was the first person to propose the idea of 0b0t because it was originally a Counter Strike 1.6 server.

Server maintenance history


It is believed that 1_p lives in Germany because 0b0t was hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, and that he might know the original real-life A Server Owner For Fun lives in Germany.

It is known that A Server Owner For Fun has access to the account of 1_p as it was discovered at the third back door.

Some people think that 1_p is the same as A Server Owner For Fun, but the vast majority of the community knows that they are different people.

Behind the Scenes

It has been confirmed that 1_p mainly creates special plugins for the server. In this sense, one could assume that 1_p was responsible for the initial server system. It also helps A Server Owner For Fun to switch from old maps to temp maps and vice versa. Proof of this is that 1_p was considered the only online player when the Tempmap was converted from 2016 to the old map. Maybe he helps A Server Owner For Fun with new plugins for 1.12.

A Server Owner For Fun

A Server Owner For Fun is a friend of 1_p and was invited by 1_p to run the server, because the computer of A Server Owner For Fun has a better processing and download speed to take care of the server. The A Server Owner For Fun is currently doing most of the important things, but it will most likely be backed by 1_p behind the scenes. That's why A Server Owner For Fun is much better known in the community than 1_p, who is best known to the elders and excavators in the history of 0b.

Transition to Minecraft

In December 2018 1_p created 0b0t with the same requirements as Counter Strike 1.6 Server.

Counter Strike 1.6 Server

In 2019, 1_p had the idea of a server where players could do what they wanted without rules. With this idea he created a server on Counter Strike 1.6. Finally, when Minecraft Multiplayer came out, 1_p created the Minecraft server that we now know as 0b0t several years later.