0b0t Wiki

2b2t clones like 0b0t are servers based off of 2b2t. These servers mimic 2b2t to varying degrees. For non-2b2t clone anarchy servers (Unconnected to 2b2t and pre-2016), read Old Anarchy Servers.

Most of these servers were made during or after the Rusher War, due to the sudden popularity and demand for 2b2t and anarchy. 3b3t is the only exception, being the first 2b2t clone, made in 2015 by Hause.

These servers are often used as a temporary place to play while waiting in 2b2t's queue.

You also may have a look at the page Top 5 Best Minecraft Anarchy Server Alternatives.

List of 2b2t Clones

Online Servers

Server Version Notes Location Players Online Anticheat
0b0t.org 1.12.2 Subreddit, Discord, Wiki Germany 80-100 Flying only
9b9t.com 1.12.2 US east 60-170 Flying only
9b9t.org 1.14.4 Europe west 0-5 Flying, timer
4b4t.us 1.13.2 US west 0-10 Flying, Jesus
anarchy.bar 1.12.2 East Canada 0-20 Varies
enchantedsword.net 1.14.4 East US 20 - 100 Flying only
norules.mcs.lol 1.12.2 Montreal 0-12 None
oldfag.org 1.12.2 East Canada 20-100 Flying, timer
play.buildblocz.com 1.12.2 East Canada 0-5 Speed, Jesus
3b9t.net 1.12.2 US east 0-5 Flying, Timer
6a6k.us 1.12.2 Canada 5-15 Flying, timer
8b8t.xyz 1.12.2 Europe west 5-10 Flying, timer
9b6t.eu 1.12.2 Europe west 15-25 Flying only
10b10t.org 1.12.2 Thailand 0-10 Flying only
2b2t.rocks 1.15.2 Canada 10-30 None
anarchy.mcpocket.net 1.15.2 US south 0-5 None
3wec.mooo.com 1.14.4 Europe west 10-20 None
2b2t.network 1.15.2 Canada 10-30 None
mc.tribe.gs 1.15.2 Europe west 10-30 Flying
fucking.shit.vc 1.15.2 US east 0-10 None
yapsavun.com 1.15.2 Turkey 50-85 Flying, Timer

Guide to anticheat: Flying means you cannot use flight (or equivalent). Timer means you cannot use speed hacks (such as entity speed) what so ever.