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The Owner of 0b0t,

created 0b0t on 21 of July 2016 he advertised 0b0t on Multiple servers,

bringing players in, back then the times were simpler and Spawn wasn't as hard to escape

but Spawnfagging existed and made it more difficult.

According to Players, his name is Bill and he lived in New York City and planned to upgrade the Server

Nobody heared of him since.

Some users also speculated that he is Harambe. https://www.reddit.com/r/0b0t/comments/4uboxm/is_8ut_harambe/

The Time he was active is called the 8ut Era.

8ut became active again in 2019 under the discord handle "A Server Owner For Fun#4287"

Users playing at the Time include


  • TheForgottenKing
  • Rhinostril
  • AllDatJizzJazz
  • SeanTheRat/Nedril
  • Luca3863
  • Zeteran
  • JudoAbuser
  • KeepCalmAndDab
  • z11z12
  • metalcharizard

Collection of Media of that Era