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Acronix is a new Clan brought to 0b0t. They have two bases, Fort Knox and Vector Sigma. They were forced to leave Fort Knox because of its close to spawn coords, and the thought of a grief, which was bound to happen. Vector Sigma was griefed by Aureum and the coords were believed to be leaked by a member LighTurn. The leader Kicksy17, who founded the group and created Fort Knox is active as well as everyone else in the group. The clan has 7/8 members. The members are: 

  • Kicksy17 (Leader, and the Founder of Fort Knox, Supreme General of Vector Sigma)
  • Harzog (Co-Founder and creator of Fort Knox)
  • Hot_Rodz (Founder of Vector Sigma)
  • MajorRough (Co-Founder of Vector Sigma)
  • _banana_power (Vector Sigma supplyer)
  • Drabby (Builder of Fort Knox)
  • LighTurn (PvP specialist and builder of Fort Knox)
  • DJMAN_1 (Kit supplyer and part time member of Acronix)

The group has disbanded because of the Sigma Grief, Hot_Rodz, MajorRough, and _banana_power have based together. Kicksy17 has joined Aura but is still allies with the others. DJMAN_1 (Now hospitalizing) joined Ezic, not allies with Kicksy17. The whereabouts of the others are still unknown, Drabby is believed to be basing with the three, but the information is not certain. The base was griefed by the three because LighTurn, a fellow member, destroyed 30 of the groups shulkers.