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Aura Is a clan on 0b0t. It has been on many other anarchy servers but the biggest is 0b0t. It had many bases, one griefed by iCaster_, another two where the base coords were leaked and bases were griefed and has just recently went homeless. Due to their newest base being greifed and the server being temporarily down, they could not build a base. Kicksy17, and okbomer1 teamed up with iCaster_ to grief Ezic Base, a base that DJMAN_1, Sphyincus, and Kicksy17 lived in, DJMAN_1 kicked Kicksy17 out so as a reasonable human he griefed it. The current state of group is small, due to them being insided alot, with a couple people always making alt accounts or their friends inside the team. The members are:

jtlandrith: Leader   
okbomer1: Co Leader and a griefer   
yeoyeojo: Co Leader and the Team Aura Youtube editor   
Kicksy17: Admin and officer, also a griefer   
ben9264: Admin and officer   
AutoWither: Officer   
NoodlesP_: Trusted Member   
LeAflY: Member   
'''Banned Member List:'''   
'''YouTube Channel:'''