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Black Wing Republic History


The Black Wing Republic is a new faction on 0b0t.


The Black Wing Republic was founded by the player Nillow on the 18th of April 2020 with the help of LaserGamin. Despite the faction being so young it has been through a lot. The faction started when mellot2004 joined the republic on 19/04/20, the day after that jovvv tomato_3000 joined the republic followed by LordOniox Barachiummellot2004 won the first weeks election and became consul while the other candidate, LaserGamin became senate on the 20th of April 2020. 2 days after the 4 new members joined spacedreamer1996 was found walking nearby the base, and the senate and consul at that time decided that it would be best if spacedreamer1996 was recruited. The day after the spacedreamer1996 is recruited, Emperize is recruited and moments later betrays The Black Wing Republic and griefs their base.

The Black Wing Republic goes through another base that they eventually grief themselves, this was done because LordOniox received an alt account in trade for some kits, the owner of that alt (the person who traded the alt for the kits) tpd his main account to the base. The republic then griefed their own base so that the alt owner wouldn't get the satisfaction of griefing. The Black Wing Republic then moved to a safer location... in the far outskirts of the End. The Republic ends up picking up a recruit by the name of _BATTERY_ .

Due to the inconvenience of having to /kill in order to get to the Overworld they moved again. During the search of a perfect and beautiful location for their home they had lost members and gained members. They picked up the players LeonShadow25 and Dacaly. on the 25/04/2020 mighty_mike04 joins the republic. The next day the members jovvv and Lasergamin got in a fight which lead to both of them leaving and Lasergamin not being allowed to rejoin. The day after that dispute there is another election which mellot2004 wins once again and Barachium LordOniox become senators. On the 28/04/2020 mellot2004 started the consul head museum as a memorial to all future consuls.

On then 30th of April 2020 mayhem started. LordOniox and mellot2004 were playing around with LeonShadow25 thinking it was all fun and games, until LeonShadow25 got mad and placed 4 blocks of the infamous, TNT on top of the senate meeting room, mellot2004 with aimbot on his bow accidentally shot the TNT since LeonShadow25 hid behind it causing the senate room to explode, LeonShadow25 helped mellot2004 rebuild the senate room and all was fine until LeonShadow25 announced that he wouldn't mind griefing the Republic's base which made the senate decide to kill him, which left mellot2004 mad and made both LeonShadow25 & mellot2004 leave the republic and team up with LaserGamin to grief the base, which they did and officially became enemies in the Republics eyes. This new founded group decided to create an anti republic to bring down the Black Wing Republic.

It all turned out to be a plan by the highest ranked members of that time (including mellot2004) to have mellot2004 'leave' the republic to 'join' the anti-blackwing republic, this was done since player LeonShadow25 was going to grief the republic's base anyway so mellot2004 'left' the republic to announce how close the anti-blackwing republic was to the base, and reported this information to the highest ranked players in the republic, only the high ranked players knew about the plan so that there wouldn't be no snitches. Player mellot2004 rejoined the republic again and once again won the votes to become consul on the 05/03/2020.

BlueOrigin69 became lead builder, and built another base that eventually got greafed by some unknown players.