Byzantium is an empire that was founded by _ADumbDuck after leaving the Imperials.


When the Empire was first founded, it had little help by people and was griefed about three times, but the Empire still persisted. Then, there was an influx of people joining the Empire, such as Stallxinq and Jeushi, and the Empire made an enemy, called Project: Atlas. The Empire was very small and feeble at the time, so they didn't know how to stop the greif's. So, when it hit the fifth greif, _ADumbDuck had enough. He declared was against Project: Atlas and got an insider in their group, who's username is currently unknown. Now, this current day, Byzantium has a Server, several projects and such. The Empire has been spotted on many Anarchy / Non-Anarchy Servers, too. Currently, _ADumbDuck is the Emperor of Byzantium, which is now a Nation. Later on, one of the co-owner's of the group decided to leave and found a new group. That group is called Reverse Harem.

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