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CCorp is a lesser known group on 0b0t. However the group has been to many bases, has the largest known museum and the server and has raided multiple bases. Another record held by the group is that they own the server‘s single largest gold mine, and have produced hundreds of god apples!

CCorp also sells their items to newer players. The most common way to trade with CCorp is by sharing base coordinates, donating your base, or giving us historical items!

The server is owned and managed by Mr.Magician. His predecessor, bobmegreat had no prior experience, and was voted down to a newer player.

CCorp also has a player, Cody7862, who led the team to victory against the war with Blight, an amateur team of Newer Players.

Currently, CCorp is planning on going to bases that were by Akatsuki and the Illusion to gather items for their museum.

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