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CCorp is a group on 0b0t that goes with the slogan "Be Creative." The group members make insanely massive bases, that have multiple luxuries awaiting the base members. Some of these luxuries are

  • Auto-kit dispensers
  • Massive dupe stashes available to the group members
  • Base members are able to have individual houses/bases that only they can touch

The group members often grief their own bases to preserve structure and to keep illegals rare. But usually only in the case of compromised coordinates. (CCorp raids themselves so nobody else can)

CCorp is also has the largest known 0b0t museum of history, and the group prides itself on the preservation of 0b0t artifacts and history. The group is also happy to accept items of value that you may wish to donate to be preserved, including but not limited to;

  • Past and current clan banners
  • Unique player heads
  • Unique book signatures
  • Map Art

The elite members in the group are:

  • DouglasJack
  • Cody4687
  • heccinsucc (pog)
  • Distaf
  • HiImHappy
  • Zachere
  • zxow
  • Garmadon_Prime

Major Alliances: Harness Clan

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