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Video Contest


2022 Video Contest


  • Ending 30. September 2022
  • 1 Min+ YouTube Video about 0b0t (Category: Shitpost, Meme, ...)
  • Wiki-Page including the Video in this Category
  • Must be a new Video
  • Video must be cringe
The Prize

whats that?

Winner, winner...

  • Vote in the Discord for the best Video
  • Prize is silly minecraft block on an irrelevant minecraft server

How to?

  • 1. Make some video, audio or image footage (OBS Studio)
  • 2. Optional: video editing and post-processing (OpenShot)
  • 3. Upload the video and make a wiki page
  • ...
  • Profit

How to "How to?"?

  • Open https://0b0t.fandom.com/wiki/a_cool_page_title (Change the title)
  • Click on create page
  • Insert the snippet in source editing mode (change the text and video id):
some title or video description


[[Category:2022 Video Contest]]

If 'How to "How to?"?' fails

  • Send the raw video or the video link to Bob of 0b

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