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Why 0b0t should not update!

Hello fellow block game players! Today I will be writing a fandom page about why 0b0t should not update. We all know that most anarchy servers have been stuck on 1.12.2 for years now, 0b0t included. This comes from the fact that updating would be the worst idea ever and would kill the server, let me explain why.

0bOp would have too little to do.

Considering the new versions still get support from developers, 0bOp would have to do way to little to keep the server running/fix exploits. In the case of a update he could develop something himself called laziness. He would join hausemaster and get a cocaine addiction. At this moment in time 0bOp is working day and night to keep the server running and fixing exploits. If he would update that would all change and we would get a lazy owner (which we off-course don't want)

New clients

Another problem of the new versions is that the utility clients are way too professional and all open source. Clients like Meteor are so high quality that paid clients will no longer be needed and John would get poor. Also you would not be able to get ratted anymore by high iq client developers like qq. Old players would also not have a one up on new players because of private clients, because the public ones are the best. Would all be very bad.


When hub was still owner he coded some plugins that are not healthy for anarchy because the code is too good. This would go against Anarchy. A couple examples of the plugins of hub being too good is:

New features

The last big problem is the new features of updated versions. The last few updates have been way too good. Things like axolotls, actual good world generation in both the overworld and nether and more stable minecraft code is all things the players and admins don't want. Let alone the terrible stuff paper implemented that patches all dupes. Also another thing we don't want is maps not being able to be reset, completely against anarchy.

Thanks for reading this fellow Block game player!

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