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After Minecraft recorded a decline in player numbers, former owner Leeunderscore abandoned 0b0t.org. "A Server Owner for Fun" bought the domain and created a new server. Lee, who bought the domain 6b6t in the meantime, did not like this and since then there are clashes between the servers and their players.

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 Accusations against 0b0t.net

Claims that 0b0t... Disproof
... skidded Leeeunderscore's plugins Only newly written self-coded plugins and plugins from Bukkit/Spigot are used.
... runs on "Pentium 4 2 gigs ddr2 80 gig maxtor hdd and runs windows server 2003" Server runs on server hardware in a datacenter.
... stole the domain and files from Leeeunderscore's server 0b0t.net was bought long after the domain ownership of lee expired and no files were downloaded from his server.
"[...] does have a backdoor and [Leeeunderscore] made it" 0b0t.net does not use Leeeunderscore's plugins.
... stole Leeeunderscore's server icons. The server actually only uses one icon and thats made by the actual owner.
"[...] has a clone discord." No. What is a "clone discord" anyway?

Actions against 0b0t.net

Action/Threat Quote
Backdooring the Server "0b does have a backdoor i made it that's why u dont skid peoples plugins"
Killing 0b0t players on 6b6t "come to my server and i will kill you!"
Crashing the server "im gonna get john to rape 0b with his rusher hack exploit he made anarchy.bar die by afking with auto reconnect", "im the one who crashes 0b", "john is crashing this server when he gets on his pc"
Denial of Service Attacks "this server can be ddosed EZ"
Spam botting "my spam bots will be back even worse then before 50 plus bots", "im just gonna spam bot 0b0t 247 50 accounts spamming", "i hope ur enjoying my friends bots he programed them him self"
Constant buy offers "im gonna buy this servr", "also wat amount of money would it take for me to buy the server the map the whole lot?", "if they gonna sell 0b just give me the domain no one will buy it even if they do itll die", "rename my server to 0b0t as it is the real 0b0t ip would be 0b0t.tk till i could buy 0b0t.net or 0b0t.org off that dick"
Legal remedies "yeah so if u didnt know i copyrighted my servers and i can sue if i want to which i might do", "REMOVE MY SHIT FROM UR SERVER LAWSUIT I MEAN IT"
Discord banning Leeeunderscore banned all players that were also on the 0b0t discord from the 6b6t discord in early 2019.
Doxing "im gonna get the owners dox and ruin him"
Insults He refers to the server, players or the owner as "fake", "garbage", "dumb", "birches", "dip shits", "nigs", "faggots", "idiots", "NIGG*", "dead meme", "liers", "gei", "nigg*s!", "jewish", "negr*", "suckers". He also said that "theforgottonking is an idiot"

Interesting Footnote

Lee admitted to ddossing 0b0t.org recently on Discord

Furthermore Proof of Lee not being able to run a Server without Abuse of Moderator Status