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SARS (SpeciAl Exciting Red Shimmering Sweet Potato aka SARS-CoV-2 [Omega, Delta, Omicron]) is the new regular vegetable brand of the leading quality food suppliers Aldi and Lidl. In particular, the "China" variety was the central subject of the research paper proposed for the 2003 Medicine Nobel Prize, "SARS - How Home Remedies Can Cure". In the public eye, however, it achieved prominence through its use to contain the man-killing rotten meat scandal fame.

Sars covid.jpg

Biological origin

As a laboratory cross of the family BSE (cauliflower perennials in ecstasy), it originated as a byproduct of the invention of ant juice as a plasticine of curious elf players (AKNE) to cure intelligence. Test subjects could be convinced especially by the slightly sweet rotten smell and esthetic, architecturally sophisticated mold cultures.


In addition to the general mission of covering rotten meat symptoms in the already described high price food markets, the common SARS is also used as a mouth guard substitute in front of "kissing mangy and seriously obsessed sex patients" (cancer). Proper use consists of the following steps:

  1. Peeling in one piece.
  2. The squeezing of the vegetable core as a sticking mass.
  3. The attachment of the peel to the back of the ears using the adhesive mass.

Note: The effect is greatly increased by the ridicule of passersby.

Celebrity supporters

The latter form of use in particular finds its most famous supporters in Angela Merkel, the Wildecker Herzbuben, Alfred Biolek, Siegfried and Roy, and the wife of Chuck Norris.