0b0t Official Discord



Krazzzzymonkey's 0b0t Shop | https://discord.gg/kyCeuaa

YVC's free 0b0t shop | https://discord.gg/98FwDPm

Frost's Universal Shop (500 Members) | https://discord.gg/u92pw7q

Dont Join, The Owner Is A Faggot | https://discord.gg/jYfEUHv

CatsUnite 0b0t Kits | https://discord.gg/4t7rnt

0b0t free kits | https://discord.gg/CdFRnDp


The 0b0t Archive https://discord.gg/j3E7tEvauX


Aureum Discord: https://discord.gg/thjc6SbMYY

Crystal Masons Discord: https://discord.gg/PPng9WY

0b0t Emperium Crew Discord: https://discord.gg/DWnDqKZ

Oasis Discord: (Currently private but will be made public again soon)

Horizon Special Forces MK.II: https://discord.gg/PJmAzup

Team Neutron (Crystal pvp group): https://discord.gg/8evGjpu

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