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The Donkey Dupe, also known as the Cact-Ass Dupe, was a duplication exploit found in March 2017 that is larger than the 11/11 Dupe. It was a simple dupe exploit involving breeding donkeys and teleporting them to the Nether. It remains one of the largest dupes in 0b0t History. It only lasted for three days but was the most overpowered dupe in history (thus far).

The Exploit

The Exploit consists of a few steps:

  • Breed Donkeys
  • Put a chest to the Donkey, and place the items you want to dupe in it.
  • Put Donkeys to a magma block until it reaches half a heart.
  • Teleport it into a Nether Portal with Cacti surrounding it.
  • The items will transport out of the nether portal, duplicated.


The exploit was considered to be so simple that the economy boomed overnight after this. It is possible a Sixth Spawn Incursion could occur out of this dupe. This also made the "Cactus Dupe" meme real in a way.

Almost every single item in 0b0t lost value, from elytras to God Apples.