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Flaming's logo, a Totem of Undying that was hue shifted red with an external program.

FlamingBird101 is a builder, larper, composer, totem, archivist, and convicted fraudster. He joined the server on 25/4/2020 and was active until early 2021. He is most known for his work on The 0b0t Archive (now TotemCord). Claiming to be the "cutest totem," he is also known for his work on several bases such as Bordeleaux, Ouranos, and Totem Base. He was one of four people involved in the Dispenser Backdoor and has moved over 10,000 super illegals. He quit the server in mid 2021 and is only semi-active.


Inception and Insiding of the Imperials[]

Flaming joined the server in late April of 2020. According to his own account, he was contacted by Dexter_Morgan66 to inside a group known as the Imperials. He joined the discord on May 7th and joined as a member on May 14th. He was taken to a spawn base to test his loyalty as a recruit, which was griefed by another insider shortly thereafter. Having been invited by Kurtis to Bordeleaux on May 4th, he decided not to live at any Imperial bases, instead helping build infrastructure and provide supplies.


Flaming usurping the throne of Outpost Heims

Flaming quickly gained the trust of a TyTheFireGuy, who would sneak him into many imperial bases to more conveniently provide help. Unbeknownst to anyone, he was secretly recording all the coordinates. He was also brought to Ethereas' base called "Outpost Heims" which he erroneously called "Point Heims." On June 19th, an unknown insider leaked the coordinates to the main base. Flaming decided this was the day to also grief three other imperial bases as well as Outpost Heims. He desecrated the throne, which began a long conflict with Ethereas.

Even Dexter and SpyBlockBuster did not believe Flaming was actually insiding the imperials. Two days later, Ethereas deleted the 0b0t branch of the imperials. To this day, Flaming is one of the three people that successfully caused the deletion of an entire branch.

Through July 25th[]


Bordeleaux 3 hours before the grief, with 0bOp holding the dragon egg.

After insiding the Imperials, Flaming was immediately invited to Team Clean. He self-griefed his personal base on July 10th, moving to Bordeleaux to build. After Team Clean disbanded, Flaming never joined another organized group again, mostly due to his reputation as being untrustworthy. Nickfin, one of Flaming's basemates, brought Greasyfork (a known griefer) to Bordeleaux, PixelatedBrayden's base, Truman base (0bOp's 2nd base), and a WDL. On July 25th, he griefed all four bases and published a video which quickly recieved more dislikes than likes. After this, Flaming was brought by Pixel to the remains of his base, where he found the Unbreakable wooden swords from the 0bOp backdoor, left there by Greasyfork.

Without anything to do, he flew 6.2 million blocks to The Lands solo above bedrock. Having met Pr3roxDLC at his spawn base, he invited him to check it out. Pr3 was a plugin developer for the server and later developed a plugin with an intentional oversight allowing illegal items to be placed. After giving away his illegal item collection to ThunderCloud_, he eventually was invited to Ouranos where preparations for the backdoor commenced.

Night(s) at the Museum[]

In October 2020, the bypass was planned by PixelatedBrayden, FlamingBird101, and Pr3roxDLC. After Flaming discovered that these items could be placed in containers, the idea of placing the items in droppers such that they could be placed was made. After the Christmas illegals were stolen from 0bOp's base by PixelatedBrayden and Ethereas, the new anti-illegal was swiftly implemented and their player data was wiped. With this, they went to Pixel's stash where they discovered that bedrock could be placed.


Pixel, however, claims that replacing Flaming for Ethereas was the right move.

PixelatedBrayden really wanted Ethereas to be part of the backdoor even though he was explicitly warned by Flaming that he was not to be involved. After placing the bedrock penis at the world border corner, he invited Ethereas to see it. After this, he started placing spawners and other illegals at Ethereas' 2nd museum. Flaming was not invited due to him griefing the first museum.


The picture of Flaming and owstrev at Ether's 2nd museum

Conflict between Flaming and Ethereas started with the destruction of Outpost Heims. After this, Flaming and Ethereas both started to amass collections of illegal items. Ethereas inherited ThunderCloud_'s collection of items even after he was explicitly told not to give Flaming's items to him. He added these to his museum, which gave Flaming a casus belli against his museum. He obtained the coordinates through GanhasGanhas, and then traveled to grief it.

Flaming was furious when he found out PixelatedBrayden was telling Ethereas about their backdoor. Flaming bided his time, as he knew that Pixel was notorious for leaking things. Sure enough, Pixel accidentally leaked the coordinates in their groupchat called "The backdoor boys" to which Flaming quickly saved. It was clear that he started at Ouranos to travel there, and Flaming was still at the ruins of the base. He contacted owstrev and he helped reach the coordinates. They traveled 1 million blocks each in three days, and then Flaming revealed he was at the coordinates with owstrev while already in a voice chat with Pr3roxDLC. Pr3roxDLC upon being teleported to the base said "oh fuck off" and left the VC.


Pr3 calling Pixel out for doing things without consenting the group.

After taunting Ethereas, Flaming changed his discord status to "Psalm 41:9" and took a break from Minecraft. Pixel called Flaming the n word, making it the only known instance of him saying it. Flaming claimed not to have stolen anything from the 2nd museum. After some time passed, 0bOp discovered the bypass on March 12th, 2021, which was quickly patched. Pixel later leaked the entirety of how the backdoor was done in September of 2021.


FlamingBird101 is most known for his snarky comments and insults in global chat. A lot of people describe him as "funny" due to this. He's often treated with suspicion in the community due to him griefing Ethereas' bases. Ever since 0bOp stopped being the sole owner of 0b0t, Flaming stopped playing the server regularly.

Flaming is also a known archivist. While against the idea of server museums that multiple people are involved with, he is known for archiving media related to 0b0t. He opened the 0b0t Archive to host his collection and to help GamingDerp with Anarchy Links Hub. He was also an avid collector of illegal items before his heads were deleted due to a faulty plugin. He has made several map arts, notably Cutie, Edelgard, and a flag of Russia. He also archived over 300 kits on the server and allegedly has a unique enchanted Totem of Undying. He had several super illegals in his enderchest until they reverted due to a bug in April 2024. He has only ever signed a handful of unique books on the server that were not used for duplicating items.

Flaming has taken several world downloads of the server and has amassed a collection of world downloads which he stores privately. He has visited several of the 2b2t WDLs on the server, including The Lands, Neflheim, and many others that were closer to spawn. According to Flaming, his distance traveled by elytra statistic is a negative number. He has picked up over 3,000 command blocks, 2,000 spawn eggs, and 4,000 end portal frames. Despite having access to placeable illegal items for over two months, he was only confirmed to have placed one piece of bedrock and two spawners. According to some sources, this is largely due to the fact that he thought it was patched by Pr3 after a week. Others claim that he simply is against abuse of power and showed great restraint.

He also has an obsession with the Totem of Undying. It's well known that he claims to be the "cutest totem" with a somewhat unique Totem of Undying skin. He also has a signed book by the IGN Totem, which was the only book signed by that account on 0b for over a year. While Flaming tried to learn Russian, he only speaks English and Latin.

Post-0b0t era[]

FlamingBird101 is only semi-active now. You may still occasionally see him on the server, but he has switched to playing other games such as Geometry Dash. The 0b0t Archive was retired in 2023 as Discord changed links so that only community servers would have permanent invite links.

If you wish to contact him about the server or ask questions, his DMs are open on his discord (@opcube).