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FreeLees is considered one of the more known players of 0b0t. Joined in february 2020 and instantly was part of a pretty large group at the time named RedCross. There he met _Lostforreal_ , mrmango , chose_007 , brickzebra etc.

His introduction to RedCross was through another group called The Church Of The Broken God founded by Dr1144Oli and Vinyl5Five. There he met one of his only lasting friends who he has always based with named GoogleChromeTab.

FreeLees is known best for being a griefer,who doesn't care about anything he destroys. His introduction to griefing was when he turned his back on Red Cross,griefing it, and eventually earning his just started reputation.

He has been part of the biggest griefing groups on the server,eventually being the head of them and coordonating the players.

Griefing groups such as: TMH (The Most Hated)

-TMH: Group members: FreeLees , b11 , zopac , Streety_y , PixelatedBrayden , Goge , Ramen(CH1LDP0RN,diic,SpaghettiFather), D00M_RECORD.

  • The Most Hated was a group who consisted on bringing down the pedophiles from anarchy,extending from 0b0t to other clones and even 2b2t.

The group was known for griefs like OhLanz's base and some of the MSG bases also part of the Boj rat incident(4 bases in one day)-

-Minecon INC: Most known griefing group on 0b0t

Mincon INC's members are: FreeLees, Josh, Apple, Boj, Chomp, TheGoldenFeather, Python, NetherHub

What brought fame to Minecon INC was the grief of La Finca where FreeLees got tped to La Finca,tricking Pritzker into believing he is Boj.Later on, FreeLees called Josh and they managed to get 2 Minecon 2013 capes with the FitMC skin,then they pulled up at the base destroying it without leaving trace of it.

  • FreeLees 's latest known act was him pulling up with Shotz and PixelatedBrayden at The Capital(The Biggest Known base on 0b0t). Ending for once everything that base was hiding for over a year. This brought alot of hate towards him in the following weeks after the event.


  • Rare Image of the Illegals
    Image of the museum being built
    FreeLees, while in TMH and with the help of his fellow friend GoogleChromeTab,designed a mega museum that would protect 2 of the rarest illegals ever seen on 0b0t. The Manatee Egg which was a squid egg renamed ''Manatee Egg'' in aqua bold and the ''Knowledge Book''
  • He owns a one of a kind Tattered Book that he got from 0b0p
  • Has an outstanding collection of over 500 individual books
  • One of the last screenshots at Toxilus

    FreeLees with tntpower10

    Was a part of Toxilus with tntpower10 and Titunu, resulting in him having access some of the last 32k enchanted barriers. Also has the last world download of the base where they are displayed.