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What is Genesis?

Genesis is a group that focuses on three main things: Building, Exploiting, and Coding, while those are our main main three agendas we also do much more. We create very large bases, we have a ranking system reminiscent of the one CCorp™ (The Creativity Corporation) had.

The creation of Genesis.

Genesis was created by Cody4687 and phatboydave. Cody had just returned to 0b0t and met Dave when he decided he'd like to try again leading a group of players, thus Genesis was born.

Where did the principals and ideas come from?

It is largely based on its disbanded mother-team CCorp™, The group ran by Cody4687 that originated on 2b2t in 2018 and moved over to 0b0t in 2019.

Why is "Genesis on top!"?

Genesis is the leading team with less then 15 members and only 70 people in their discord.

They aren't a known group at all and they lie that they have 30 members and they are the biggest group on 0b0t wich is a big lie

The biggest group probably imperial.

The most known group is team nn

Team siege was knows as well but died

How do I join?

Join the discord!


Genesis don't have a lot of history since it's new group.

It's very hated by the community so the notorious 0b0t legend known as Mr_Boomboom token log one of the admin nuked the server

And then griefed their base

The group don't have any history in exploiting because they all newfags

Genesis logo.

Notable members:

  • Cody4687 (member)
  • dirt10 (member)
  • Alfie255(Admin)
  • VZEVS (Admin)