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Hacked clients are minecraft clients that are basically used on anarchy servers like 0b0t.org to gain advantages in pvp and other tasks.

Public Clients[]

Name Price Common Info
Impact Free, $5 or $10 Very Public client mainly used by non-anarchy or new anarchy players.
Inertia Free or $1 up to $98 Very Public client used by players for PvP features, widely used by players.
Wurst+3 Free Very Public anarchy PvP client mainly known for its Wurst refference and modules.
Future $20 Mid Paid anarchy client mainly known for its modules and exploits.
Wurst Free Mid Public client mainly used by non-anarchy or new anarchy players.
Phobos Free Mid Public client mainly known for its anarchy features and the backdoored versions. There are a couple of clean ones on github and a few clean official versions.
Rusherhack $20 Very Paid anarchy client mainly known for its refference and development during the Rushed War on 2b.
Forgehax Free Mid Public anarchy client known for its developers frik1n and babbaj who are known as oldfriends on 2b.
Aristois Free or $8 Low Public client mainly used by non-anarchy or new anarchy players.
Pyro Invite or $20 Low Private anarchy and PvP client made by GiantNuker and ionar.
Abyss $20 Low Paid anarchy client mainly known for its pvp features.
Lambda Free Mid Public, and open-source client on github, Fork of kami-blue. Good for multi-purpose and has baritone

  • Community Clients
Name Leaked Updated Info
Xrandr No Yes Xrandr is an effective Crystal PVP client and has high quality visuals. Made by Pepsi76
Niobium No Yes Developed by Redcade, made for the Arch group. Known for Crystal Aura, Elytra Fly, and exploits.
Aureum.cc No Yes Dev by IIV_2, SxyChxis and LeWa1. Known as pvp client
Hephaestus Latest No Developed by hub/X0Z0, TimG3000, and 3arthqu4ke. Mainly known for its unique features when released like Auto32k and AutoTrap.
Osiris Latest No Developed by Finz0.
Nefarius Old No Developed by CryroByte and only for members of the Nefarius clan.
Cmanhack Old No A client made by CmanBrine with a terrible GUI, lack of modules, but some awesome exploits such as chorus fruit guider, and autogodmode.
Jew Client No Maybe Developed by KILLAQUEEN123.
Java Client No Yes Developed by Java3. Some versions were backdoored. But it would take your IP, passwords, and coordinates. According to java.
Spooken Client No No A client by ThePrxjekt for his Team made in 2019.
Cocoware No Yes Cocoware is an invite-only client. It is known to be really good at PVP and effective at being a utility client all in one client. Made By Coco11211
BookHack No Yes BookHack is a private client. It is made by members of Book Club V2, and horrible (This is all a lie). It has multiple lag exploits and misc exploits, and is very shitty.