Harness Clan

What is Harness?

Team Harness is a faction created by users Trapppie, Titans27, and wooischeese. Harness is notably one of the best clans in 0b0t history. Known for nearly killing off the server, dominating spawn, and claiming to own the last non-popular illegal. active (16/12/2019)

Date clan formed: 03/09/2019 (September)

Main Members:

  • Titans27 (Founder)
  • wooischeese (Founder)
  • Trapppie (Founder)
  • HippiePotter
  • w0j
  • Awfol
  • FrostDustHD18
  • zxow


  • We don't need allies


  • Everyone who is not in harness is bad - agreed
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