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Hawkhurst was founded on May 5th 2020 by Poof

Hawkhurst is a group dedicated to griefing the 10k10k spawn region.

Requirements to join us;

1-) A discord account that is at least 1 year old, at least 4 months joindate, at least 1 week of playtime.

2-) Must play at least 10 hours/week

3-) You have to prove that you are trustworthy (we have a good method for that)

4-) Don't act stupid, it's just a block game. Don't be a larper.

5-) You must be respectful towards other members.

6-) You must be average at PvPing, but keep in mind Hawkhurst is NOT a PvP group.

7-) (not really a requirement) We will supply you with everything necessary that you would use almost everyday. (Armor, Weapons, tools, food, etc.) We have plenty of everything. Decent amount of work has to be put into the group.


Hawkhurst Banner.png

(Created by DoctorWho42Man)

Current members:

2B2T_Poof(Founder)-Very active


Sm1ley0(Member)-Currently inactive

INFORMATION: Hawkhurst uses a different method to avoid insiders. You will not be given any bases and dupe stashes, infact you will have to make them yourself. You will be given most types of kits to make your first Hawkhurst related dupe stash if you're not considered "rich". If you leak your base/stash to anyone (including the group members and leaders), you will get kicked from the group.

You can contact me ingame or on discord for discord invite link.

Discord: Poof#4857

Ingame name: 2B2T_Poof