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What are Rares?

Enchanted Glass in the inventory form.

Hacked Items/ Rares are a type of items that have been spawned in or obtained using exploits, glitches or in 0b's case, bases. Some of these items are useless, while some of them are useful. On 0b, they are generally considered common or uncommon, as many people leak them and spread them out. Although there are some rares that are still uncommon.

Enchanted Pig Spawner

The Rares listed here are the ones that exist on 0b, in inventory or placed form.

Rarity list: Common, Uncommon, Semi rare, Rare, Very rare, Extremely rare, Legendary

What are Illegals?

Illegals are a new recent group of items that have surfaced after the "0bOp Backdoor", they differ to rares by the fact that they were not spawned in by the owner on purpose. On Top of that, 0b0t's anti illegals reverts those Illegals when they are not handled correctly. They are only in the possesion of a couple of players.


Type Reason of existence Rarity
Alpha Leaves (Oak Variant) Various bases containing them Common
Enchanted Melons The 0bOp Backdoor Common
Alpha Leaves (Spruce Variant) Found in a base Uncommon
Alpha Slabs / Fake wooden slabs / Petrified Oak Slabs base of spawn and several bases Common
Enchanted Glass Found at Imp base by warrior048 and ThunderCloud_ Common
Shulker inside a Shulker (Nested Shulker) Spawned in from The 0bO Backdoor Uncommon
2B Player Heads Various bases containing them Common/Uncommon/Extremly rare
Bow with Infinity & Mending Found at a base by X0Z0 Common
Maps with no data / Glitched out maps Found at bases with the actual mapart not there Uncommon
Spawn Eggs Social engineered By Pr3roxDLC. Anti-illegal plugin patches have made spawn eggs rarer. Rare
Enchanted Blaze Rod found at a base by heccinsucc Common
Diamond with lore Spawned in by 0bOp Common
HiImHappys Pumpkin Pies Created by 0bOp Common

NBT+ Furnace 

Broken plugin that turned a shulker into a furnace Common
Enchanted TNT 0bOp backdoor Common
Enchanted Coal Enchanted coal with Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing, and Custom lore of Für die unartigen Kinder. Placed at nether spawn. Was created around end of 2019

or start of 2020

Pig Spawners Found at a base and was later spawned in during the 0bOp backdoor in February 2020. Anti-illegal plugin patches have made spawners more rarer. Placed spawners are considered extremely rare. Rare/Extremely Rare
Enchanted Pig Spawners Spawners but enchanted with curse of vanishing. Anti-illegal plugin patches have made spawners rarer. Placed spawners are considered extremely rare. Rare/Extremely Rare
E Rose Created by 0bOp Uncommon
Diamond sword with 100 attack speed Created by 0bOp for jokes at his meme base later being stolen by zxow and selling it on his store with FrostDustHD18 Common
Farmland Spawned in by 0bOp Common
Bedrock 0bOp backdoor from February 2020. Anti-illegal plugin patches have made bedrock rarer. Placed bedrock is considered extremely rare. Rare/Extremely Rare
Enchanted End Portal Frames 0bOp backdoor from February 2020. Anti-illegal plugin patches have made end portal frames rarer. Placed end portals are considered extremely rare. Rare/Extremely Rare
Command Blocks 0bOp backdoor from February 2020. Anti-illegal plugin patches have made command blocks rarer. Placed command blocks are considered extremely rare. Rare/Extremely Rare
Enchanted Gold Nuggets Reverted 32k Gold Nuggets spawned in via the 0bOp backdoor. Common
Enchanted Redstone Reverted 32k Redstone spawned in via the 0bOp Backdoor Common
Enchanted diamond hoe Reverted 32k Diamond Hoe spawned in via the 0bOp Backdoor Uncommon
Enchanted Stone Reverted 32k Stone Spawned in via the 0bOp Backdoor Common
Firework with Rainbow Name Firework called confetti with a rainbow name, it also has too many effects Uncommon
Unbreakable Wooden sword ?????????? Common
Halloween Skeleton Skulls Spawned in for Halloween 2020. The item has the entire song lyrics for Spooky Scary Skeletons as a lore. The item also has a unique dark gray colour for the original variant. The skeleton skull was originally supposed to have sharpness -1 however the plugins on 0b0t reverted it to sharpness 1 Common
Enchanted Totems Spawned in for ThunderCloud_ and was discovered it has hidden NBT data that does 2x melee attack damage. Was later stolen by Ethereas and was duped at PixelatedBrayden's stash after Christmas 2020. Extremely Rare
Stacked Swords of 2 Spawned in by 0bOp with an armor stand. The swords are normal diamond swords but just stacked of 2 Extinct
Christmas Illegals 2020 1-24 illegals were spawned in for every day of December 2020. all illegals ended up being stolen by Ethereas and PixelatedBrayden at 0bOp's base before the rest were handed out. Common
Enchanted Dragon Head Dragon head enchanted with Infinity and Curse of Vanishing. Infinity enchantment is considered illegal on heads. This item does not have the enchanted glow due to Minecraft itself being weird. Spawned in by hub aka X0Z0/blockparole for LordOniox due to accidentally destroying some of his illegals at his base. PixelatedBrayden later duped a copy for himself. Extremely Rare
Enchanted Feather Spawned in for Amrit1 by 0bOp. The feather is enchanted with Aqua Affinity and Silk Touch. Uncommon
Enchanted Baked Potato Spawned in for Thoriiii by 0bOp. The potato is enchanted with unbreaking 1 and has a lore "BENIS!" Extremely Rare
Tattered Book Spawned in for PixelatedBrayden by 0bOp. Titled "xD" with a blank author, blank book data, and also has a lore that says "funny". This is quite possibly the rarest and most unique book on the entire server. Extremely Rare
Unbreakable Elytra 3 variants of the unbreakable elytra exist on the server. One has a sus lore, one has protection 4 and one has unbreaking enchantment.level.0 which is one of the only items on the server with an enchantment level of 0 Extremely Rare
Untextured Golden Apples yes, this is a thing. Golden apples but untextured... why? why not? (in the ownership of PixelatedBrayden) Extremely Rare
Wedding Flower Custom flower with "Happy Wedding to SooStrator1136 & CDara" lore Extremely Rare
Unbreakable Pickaxe Spawned by Ethereas Uncommon/Semi rare
Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.21.39 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 6.51.42 AM.jpg

Non NBT Eggs on 0b0t, shortly after the were created by Pr3roxDLC

Unnatural exit end portal at space nero

bedrock comet made by PixelatedBrayden

Command Blocks at KL

Unnatural Bedrock Command Blocks Pig Spawners Unnatural Exit End Portals
Spawn King's Landing Celestia City Ruins of Space Nero
Space Valkyria Fenrir Plugin Town (Glitched out dungeons on 0b)
Ziggytown at Spawn before getting destroyed
and more and more

Unobtainable that were proven to exist on 0b at one point

The 32k Kill

These are items that were eventually removed or have been proven to exist at one point but arent accessible to the public yet.

Type Proof of existence:
Super Weapons/32k's
  1. 0b0p killing Leeunderscore as a joke with a 32k.

2. The 0bOp Backdoor (aka player session token exploit)

Spawn Eggs 0bOp giving rogos_ donkey eggs but later returned.
32k Barrier blocks The 0bOp Backdoor
32k Structure Blocks The 0bOp Backdoor
32k Tnt Blocks The 0bOp Backdoor
32k Armor The 0bOp Backdoor
32k Water Melon The 0bOp Backdoor
32k Gold Nuggets The 0bOp Backdoor

32k Structure Blocks