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The Imperials

About us:

(S)Imperials is an Anarchy Empire that was created around 2014, stemming from 2b2t but expanding to many anarchy servers including 0b0t.

Many of their members on 0b came from the AMC server where it fought many other clans there especially a clan full of AMC veterans. They were victorious and managed to rule the entire server on from there. The leader of imperials then decided to expand the (S)Imperial empire by going on to other various anarchy servers such as 9b9t, 0b0t, and Constantium. Since then, the (S)Imperials are gaining more members on 0b to help with the ongoing quest to conquer there.

The 0b0t branch has been the most successful out of any other branch, and earning almost twice as much Imperial gold as the 9b9t, in large part thanks to 2 active dupes on the server. THEY GOT GRIEFED BAD LOL

War history (Specifically on 0b0t):

April 2019 (S)Imperials vs Vtang - (S)Imperials Victory

June 2019 (S)Imperials vs Akatsuki (not enemies after war) - Imperials Victory

December 2019 (S)Imperials vs Harness - (S)Imperials Victory

January 2019 (S)Imperials vs Saxons - (enemies)

January 2019 (S)Imperials vs Dotfag - (Ongoing)

Early 2020 (S)Imperials vs Pr3roxDLC


Full list on our discord.

Custom Client:

Skyhack.ez (redacted) Client


Bases: Deacon Town, primary duping stash

Alexandria: Mesa Citadel, capital of our operations [greifed by saxons] [dexter_morgan66, jacobrule5, H7K (deacon town) ]

Imperator Supreme Gamerman (Gamerman's royal base) (not greifed and has 20 members (all citizens))

Point Heilms (world-border base)

Puarpuar Point: end base

Fort Flash: conquest base

Skylanders: our recruitment base

Autistic Island (base of one of our vassals and location of the potted plant treehouse

Imperials Emblem.png

Freedmanspoint: a random bedspawn of one of (redacted) alts Guardian Point; ocean monument

The Swiss Bank: (redacted) Vault


For more information, visit https://(S)imperialempire.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Empire_Wiki 


Imperial Empire of 0b0t: https://discord.gg/e8Au5B7

Main Imperial Empire Republic government: https://discord.gg/bWYAdyF



Our youtube channel: