0b0t Wiki
Name Known for Status
8ut Former Owner inactive
Leee_ Former Owner inactive
NotMysttic Long playtime, The first map reset semi active
X0Z0 aka hub Former Owner, Bots, Plugins, Developer semi active
0bOp Main Owner active
TimJongUn_ Former Owner inactive
Pr3roxDLC Former Owner, He created the 0b timeline and he helped test plugins for the server. semi active
ThunderCloud_ Oldfag from leee era inactive
PixelatedBrayden Bypassed the anti illegals plugin multiple times, placed bedrock

and other types of illegals. Is also known for other things, did a little trolling.

Ethereas Former Owner, Leader of Team NN, placed bedrock and other illegals, did a little trolling. inactive
Synio Former Owner, probably the biggest collector (illegals, heads, maparts, books) active
Krazzzzymonkey Former Owner semi active
OsamahFTW soooo halal mode!!! active