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History of Singularity+

Singularity+ Status - no

Singularity+ Creation - 12/08/19 (August 12th)

*Is private, ways to join are to ask Street_y or get invited, made private due to many people wanting to join*

Singularity+ / Kakuriyo (first name) is a clan that was created for the Original members of the Original Singularity. This was made as a branching out sub-clan to separate public / new members from the main members. Since the Original Singularity clan has disbanded; after many players left permanently or a break, Singularity+ got revived when the Founder Street_y revived the clan making changes and started recruiting new members.

List of Current Members

  • Street_y (Founder)
  • xacoo (Inactive)
  • iiRaggedyAndy
  • zopac
  • HiImHappy (Quit)
  • TransAreObjects (Quit)
  • PixelatedBrayden (Quit)

Allies and Relationships

Allied Players - Probayy, Taylor123123, UnsnaggedSteak (ChickenJoel), Hankf1 and WooIsCheese

Allied Clans - NF Empire, Toxilus and The Akatsuki

Any join requests contact 丂ㄒ尺乇乇ㄒㄚ 2#6800 on discord!