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Example of a kit.

Kits are an essential part of the 0b0t community, and there are many different types and different distributors of them. 

  • Types

There are a few different types of kits on the 0b0t server, here are some examples.

  • PVP Kits - Made for autistic retard no lifers
  • Building Kits - Made for building.
  • Map Art Kits - Made for either making map art or distributing it.
  • Dupe Kits - Made for telling you how to dupe and giving the materials to dupe.
  • Elytra Kits - Made for giving you Elytras and rockets
  • Illegal Kits - Made for distributing Illegal Items
  • Grief Kits - Made for griefing.
  • Dirt kits - Made for dirt

Distributors []

Here are some distributors of kits on the 0b0t server. These people are the people that give out kits all around the server:

  • Amrit#6102