BUDDYBUDDY7, Kronzal, and Space2ninja101 are a new group who came together on November 5, 2020. BUDDYBUDDY7 and Kronzal arrived to 0b0t on October 26, 2020, and Space2ninja's arrival date is unknown. After countless failed attempts to become allies with Space2ninja101, most ending in BUDDYBUDDY's death, he eventually gave BUDDYBUDDY7 his trust and access to some of his illegal items and kits. After becoming a part of the new group, BUDDYBUDDY7 invited his close friend Kronzal and they worked together to build a base in the Nether where Spaceninja was testing a Redstone trap. The base has since been hidden, and the last reported coordinates of these players was around spawn in the overworld. When they were seen, they simply said that the only people who would be allowed to join were those who could find their base on foot, or who had special connections with any members of the secretive club.

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