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Server under Leeeunderscore[]


Aka Leeee_, Leee___, Lee_, l_e_e, l_e_e_e_e_e_e and several other nicknames. He owned 0b0t.org from December 2017 to October 2018 and also owned 0b0t.us (from December. 2016). He is now known as the server owner of 6b6t.

History of 6b6t.org[]

  • Leee_ bought the domain (after 8ut let it expire) and made the
    2017-12-30 09.20

    Picture taken of Leee_ before destroying a fishing outpost, 30 Dec 2017

    second 0b0t
  • Lots of Abuse happend (kicking, console teleports, ...)
  • Had over 5 maps (4+ map resets)
  • Leee_ forgot to pay it. kek.

"6b6t.org was originally 0b0t which was created by a guy named 8ut which was dead until me aka Leeeunderscore came along and created 0b0t.org which was renamed to 6b9t.org when my domain 0b0t.org expired and was bought by 8ut again and became a seprat server 6b6t.org was then renamed 6b6t.org so it wouldnt just look like a joke. The original 6b6t.org / 0b0t.org was created December 31st 2016 and has had over 5 maps but 6b6t.org was created / Renamed on March 9th 2019 and has only had 1 map and will never reset again(hopefully) right now as of June 25th 2019 0b0t.org is a seprat server from the original 0b0t.org aka 6b6t.org which has always been owned by me" (Leeeunderscore)

Hunterj1234 was the origional owner of 6b6t.org before it expired and 8ut bought it.

Clash between 0b0t and 6b6t[]

Read about it here.