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Lowland is a group created by CrylicArk and it was created to fight against the leading spawnfag groups.

They are actively spawnfagging and recruiting new members. They have been at war with Harness for a while now, until it finally settled down. They are still at war, but they don't have the big fights as often anymore. At it's current state, they are killing new players and fighting geared players, usually ending in them dying or logging.


The group is pretty big.

  • CrylicArk (Founder)
  • ArmyOfTiels (Commander)
  • deathcurz0 (Commander)
  • 484Herobrine (2b2ter)
  • Titunu (2b2ter)
  • han138 (Supreme elites)
  • PANOSYKLO (Supreme elites)
  • StrvtegY (Supreme elites)
  • tntpower10 (Moderator)
  • Krazzzzymonkey (Moderator)
  • joiverx (Asshole and builder)
  • ezdf (Recruit)
  • NoodleSeed (Recruit)
  • Distaf (Recruit)
  • Sythe (Recruit)
  • FeetMcAlt (Recruit)


  • Toxilus
  • Toxilus's allies
  • FarmerJoe and FrostDustHD18


  • Dotfag
  • Harness (exception for FrostDustHD18)