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Who Are We?

We are Macca's™️, a privately owned company dedicated to providing quality food and service to out customers in our many locations across 0b0t.

Our Plans

We do not wish to cause any conflict with other groups, just expand the variety of food options available on the wasteland. While we are currently a privately owned business, only allowing a select few access to our locations, by the end of March, we plan to have had 50 Macca's™ restaurants constructed, 45 of which being completely public!

Our Past

The Original Macca's™

Was planned and built by Thundercloud_ and suspect_loaf with warrior101 being our first employee. It flourished until a large explosion due to gas leaks destroyed the building, killing all of the employees and customers. It is advised to stay clear of the wreckage due to very high radiation levels

Macca's Official Logo.PNG