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The Masons was a group started by Zenolite_ . The group's goal was to simply build magnificent structures throughout the entire map.

Existed : April 7, 2019 - Late 2019

Status: Inactive

Numbers : 7

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3bi0un11kep795r/masons_base.rar/file


  • Zenolite_ (leader)
  • Aestheticsz (co-leader)
  • 1_p (co-leader)
  • bierdosenhalter (SUPERIOR OF ALL)
  • xReizka
  • Zeezma
  • Steampunk75


  • The Masons have no official stance on any particular group. They mostly do their own thing.They either respect or ignore groups that exists on the server.



When the 0b0t was shutting down in early 2020 the WDL of this base was posted on the 0b0t subreddit, but it was quickly deleted before anyone could download it . Unfortunately one person was lucky enough to view the post and download the WDL. Ironically the base wasn't griefed because the WDL was leaked, but because someone found it and blew up decent part of the base. The base is now griefed and video about it and its history is going to be uploaded on LilGanja's channel hopefully soon.

2019-06-22 05.42.49.png
2019-05-06 11.40.17.png