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Minecraft the game.

Minecraft is Lego for adults - this phrase most often describes the indie sandbox survival creative simulator MMORPG, and also quite aptly applies to the game, which has long been in a state of perpetual development (→beta phase), but has since been "released". New versions come nevertheless unfortunately constantly.

The word "Minecraft" is, as many know, actually the successor name. At the beginning of the development of Minecraft it was still called "Gowcrapft". This is a neologism from the words "low" and "crapft". "Low" here refers to the working environment: deep underground, i.e. in a "low" environment; and also at the low level of graphics that are as pixelated as 80's video games. »Crapft« consists of the word »crap« (German »Olaf«) and the letters »f« and »t«. It is still unclear to marketing psychologists how Markus Persson came up with this crazy idea. More on this under the keyword "development".

During the beta phase the game was five Euro cheaper than it is in its current final state. That is after all a whole Hartz-IV-rule rate increase, which can be saved by the timely purchase of the game. In the alpha phase it was even a generous 20 euros. However, since the game was in beta for an extremely long time, behind the "Five-Euro-Cheaper!" talk is probably just a simple salesstrategy intended to put potential buyers in a "now or never" mood and incite them to buy incitement quickly. The number of 11-year-olds in Minecraft has particularly increased in the last 2 years due to the YouTube user Gronkh, as they are all fans of him and want to imitate him. (See also: YouTube child) Parents have to be the money donors for this!


Minecraft makes your dreams come true - as long as you dream in pixelss. Because basically, the game is nothing more than a remove and add different colored pixels, called blocks, which also have different properties. Other features, such as Example the ability to move or die while doing this, have been added in numerous updates.

At the beginning of the game, the player the square is placed in a randomly generated world and is completely possessed except for ONE hand and an inventory. But a few trees are quickly felled with this and you zimmert (English build) together a so-called »Crafting Table«. This allows you to form completely different things from different materials.