NFD Clan

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NFD Clan from the 8ut Era

"The NFD clan is a clan in 0b0t. Our main goal is to kill all Newfags at spawn. So far we consist of 5 members who have racked up 500+ kills. There were questions on how to join us and here's how.

  1. Escape spawn by yourself
  2. Get geared up (Prot 4 Unbreaking 3 and possibly more)
  3. Kill Newfags and take out their bases as much as possible
  4. Be contacted by JoelN or AllDatJizzJazz to join
  5. Craft The NFD Banner
  6. Repeat step 3 as much as possible

Yes. There is a big base with most of the members. In order to get into it you must be invited which is a whole other thing. The reason we do what we do is to cause Chaos and to have Noobs never set another foot into an anarchy server again. The leader is Harambe and we worship him he died in battle with 1 kill. >NFD will always rise above.<"

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