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The NF Empire (also known as NickFin Empire or NF system) #GetNFed


  1. This is NOT a group just to clarify, however, this is a SOLO faction (yes, I actually mean it because it is possible for people to be a one man clan you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
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About this clan:

NF Empire Flag (2).PNG

The NF empire was made during the time when Masons II got destroyed. The founder of the clan (NickFin) decided to flee and take refuge with other servers like 6b6t or 8b8t. Since then the empire had no troubles in encountering enemies with other players or factions. From this day the empire continues to expand and spread. Recently the empire recolonized 0b0t again after there was less chaos. Currently, the empire now has now 5 locations NF Oldfag, NF 8b8t, NF 9b9t, NF 6a6k, and NF 0b0t What makes this clan unique is that there is no recruit members nor any other people operating this empire. (This is all run by solo meaning that no one can apply to this clan) Another thing about this clan is that like the Masons or CCorp, the goal was to build amazing cool structures among several anarchy servers.


NickFin (Founder and builder)(0b0t player since march 2019)


Currently, the empire has no conflict with other clans but rather have allies that help and do trade. The goal is to remain neutral at all costs as this clan does not want to get involved with any wars or affairs. (Meaning that this clan is ought to remain isolated)






Point Nero


Well-known builds:

NF Castle: https://imgur.com/a/jLEo1A5

Players (0b0t) who recognized this empire: (all these players listed are 0b0t veterans)

ThunderCloud_, X0Z0, Taylor123123, Zenolite_, Timg3000, and Probayy

Bases by ranking:

Tier 1 bases: NF 0b0t and NF 9b9t

Tier 2 bases: NF Oldfag, NF 8b8t, and NF 6A6K

Bases lost:

NF 0b0t spawn base - base compromised

NF 6b6t (original spawn base) - griefed

NF 2b2t - based compromised (founded by a taiwan player)

NF Constantiam - bed obstructed (died from a creeper explosion)

NF 0b0t Base Contributors:

Thundercloud_ - helped bring more kits and helping with duper

Pr3roxDLC - recording build timelapse

Timg3000 - helped bring more kits

X0Z0 - setting up an auto duper

Zenolite_ - helped bring more kits