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Nefarius is a group created by crybabies who getting mad when you give free stuff to other people but its ok to insult everyone. They think this game is their life because they have no reallife. They are also really good in selling items to little kids and feeling real rich with this money.


  1. crylicyes (Leader)
  2. NoodleSeed (Leader)
  3. CryroByte (Client developer)
  4. zxow (member)
  5. FrostDustHD18 (member)
  6. Kunghugge (member)
  7. KILLAQUEEN123 (member)
  8. CrawlerEXE (member)
  9. MajorTZDMS (member)
  10. Sigha (recruit)
  11. SniXzy (recruit)
  12. vadore_le_dingue (small member)
  13. Emperize (recruit)
  14. pvpb0t (recruit)
  15. W3ST_