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Nefarius is a group created by crylicyes and NoodleSeed. It was created to kill all retards at spawn, clear up the nether hub and to keep new players at spawn.

Nefarius is actively spawnfagging and killing people at spawn.


  1. crylicyes (Leader)
  2. NoodleSeed (Leader)
  3. CryroByte (Client developer)
  4. zxow (member)
  5. FrostDustHD18 (member)
  6. Kunghugge (member)
  7. KILLAQUEEN123 (member)
  8. CrawlerEXE (member)
  9. MajorTZDMS (member)
  10. Sigha (recruit)
  11. SniXzy (recruit)
  12. vadore_le_dingue (member)
  13. Emperize (recruit)
  14. pvpb0t (recruit)
  15. W3ST_