What's The "Nether Hub Restoration"?[edit | edit source]

The "Nether Hub Restoration" Team was created in the late 2020 with 30-50 members. Due to different timezones issues, There are arround 10 members active 24/7. Group is seperated to builders, CPvP section, members who their job is to build and trusted members, Including special roles given to Based members (Bruria for example)

Goals[edit | edit source]

The "Nether Hub Restoration" Team's Goals is Restoring the nether hub at 0, 0 and protect it from Griefers. Group's members are up fo fight 24/7 to protect their goal - Keeping the nhub as clear as possible and Decorate it. The group walks on daily routine to the nhub in order to fight griefers and then clear and repair (If possible) The Nhub.

Leaders[edit | edit source]

Group was founded by 32kys And NetherHub.

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