0b0t Wiki


  1. ThePrxjekt (leader) (active)
  2. 1_p (offline since months) (inactive)
  3. probayy (gone idk why lol) (inactive)
  4. Thundercloud_ (active)
  5. tntpower10 (inactive)
  6. CrylikARK (he left after being offline for idk 3 months?) (did he die or what)
  7. ProGab (semi active)
  8. (ltxchi joined the base and is in the discord, but i dont think he is a member because he never said smth like that tho) (active i think)


The first base New Spooken made is called Valium III and got griefed by Emperium members.


New Spooken was founded on the 25th August 2019. The first members where ProGab and ThePrxjekt, they started a discord and added new members. 1_p started making a base and we called it Valium III. The Team is based on making mapart, Building monuments and being chill. They created their own memes like the dOoRs meme and built many maparts (most maparts are from tntpower10). After the last member (CrylikARK) joined, ThePrxjekt made the first world download (wdl_29-8-19 [downloadlink soon]). Rogos got kicked out of the team cause he caused the Emperium grief. Right now, the Team is inactive, because many players are busy in reallife.

dont talk about Valium IV :D


- VoidTemple and rebuild

- Valium III

- Valium IV

- some Mapart