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Questions people commonly search about 0b0t[]

This page provides answers to commonly searched questions about the 0b0t Minecraft anarchy server. Even though (let's be honest) nobody's searching for this fucking server (It's garbage). We're just answering a bunch of questions we expect new players to ask, such as why is this server still running.

What is 0b0t famous for?[]

0b0t is famous for being one of the most chaotic and bullshit Minecraft SMP servers in existence. With its vanilla survival gameplay and absolutely no rules, players are free to hack, exploit, build, grief, groom minors, make illegal map art and give it to minors, and spam chat malding about how they are known on 2b2t and everyone else is a no-name.

What sets 0b0t apart is its world, which is truly a sight to behold. The server is a combination of three completely different maps shoved into one barely functional server that constantly lags, crashes, and goes down for long periods of time (Thank's bookclub). There's really no reason to play this shit.

The server's reputation was further bolstered when it emerged in July 2016 as a "cracked" alternative to the well-known 2b2t server. This meant that even players without a paid Minecraft account could join in on the anarchy and chaos. The allure of the server quickly spread, attracting a large player base seeking an unadulterated and unpredictable Minecraft experience. If you don't know what half of these words mean, it's probably because this sentence was chucked into Chat-GPT and pasted. 0bOp's english is not that fucking good.

In March 2019, some dumbass took over the server and introduced a new map, merging the old 8ut map with over 400 world downloads from 2b2t. This is the version you're stuck playing today if you even bother logging in in the first place.

With over 150,000 players and a vast world size of over 3.4 TB, 0b0t is a sprawling and thriving community that constantly evolves and adapts. The lack of rules and the freedom it provides, along with basically none or rare shitty updates has attracted players who revel in the chaos, testing their skills and wits against fellow players in a battle for survival and to collect as much illegals as possible.

Whatever your playstyle may be, whether you're a builder, an explorer, or a hardened PvP warrior, 0b0t offers a unique and horrible Minecraft experience. It is a server infamous for its law, making it a true haven for those seeking a regulated and unfun adventure.

Is 0b0t shutting down?[]


It's not easy to quit 0b.


Is it safe to join and play 0b0t?[]


After Ethereas and Synio were both made owner (somehow) they both admin abused the fuck out of this server. When they were demoted, they left with the IP addresses of over 150,000 users. Almost nobody seriously uses a VPN on this server because that makes your ping ass and PVP is next to impossible and ghost blocks become a serious issue.

It is strongly recommended to use a VPN while browsing non-official 0b0t websites and media. A VPN can help protect your identity and make it difficult for others to track your online activities, although I already know where you live.

Additionally, exercise caution when interacting with others on the server and avoid clicking on any unsafe links shared in the chat. Cybersecurity threats can exist within the Minecraft community, so be vigilant and ensure safe browsing practices.

You might notice how literally all of this is "don't be a dumbass and don't give out your personal information" because that's true, but it doesn't matter.

Ultimately, the decision to join and play on 0b0t.org is a personal one, and it's better to not bother joining in the first place. In the words of the makers of Marlboro®: It's not easy to quit.

What is illegal in 0b0t?[]

In 0b0t, the following actions/items are considered illegal:

  1. Possession of illegal items: This refers to items that are not supposed to exist or have been acquired through cheating/hacking. These could include modified items, hacked items, or items that are not naturally obtainable in the game.
  2. Locked chest in your inventory: Having a locked chest in someone's inventory is against the server's rules. It implies that the player has gained unauthorized access to someone else's inventory.
  3. Stacked armor: Stacked armor refers to having multiple sets of armor stacked on top of each other in a single inventory slot. This is considered illegal as it provides an unfair advantage in combat situations.
  4. Barrier blocks in your inventory: Placing barrier blocks is against the rules, especially if it hinders or obstructs the normal gameplay or activities of other players.
  5. Deletion of End portal frame: Removing or modifying any game element in an unauthorized manner, such as an End portal frame, is considered illegal.
  6. Visiting the staff base: It is against the rules to visit the staff base without permission. This is to respect the privacy and security of the staff members on the server.

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It's important to note that 0b0t is an anarchy server, meaning there are few rules and anything not explicitly mentioned here may still be allowed. However, engaging in any form of cheating, hacking, or griefing that negatively affects other players' experiences is generally frowned upon in the anarchy community.

Who are the most famous players of 0b0t?[]

  • 8ut: Being a former owner of the server, 8ut played a crucial role in shaping its early development. Although currently inactive, his contributions and ownership are still highly regarded within the community.
  • X0Z0 aka hub: Another former owner, X0Z0 was known for their expertise in coding and plugin development. Their involvement in creating and maintaining the server's infrastructure, as well as their semi-active role in the community, have made them an important figure in 0b0t's history.
  • Pr3roxDLC: As a former owner and contributor to the server, Pr3roxDLC is notable for creating the 0b0t timeline and assisting in plugin testing. His knowledge and dedication have made him a respected player within the community, despite their current semi-active status.

These three players, along with others, have all made significant contributions to 0b0t, helping to shape its unique gameplay experience and establish its status as a popular anarchy server within the Minecraft community. That being said, a lot of other players are famous for not-so-savory reasons, such as grooming minors, admin abuse, and vandalizing the wiki.

How much RAM and CPU power does 0b0t have?[]

The 0b0t server is a powerhouse in the world of Minecraft. With a CPU consisting of an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 2.40GHz and a staggering 256MB of RAM, it possesses an immense amount of processing power and memory. This allows the server to handle the massive number of players and their activities with ease.

Furthermore, the server boasts an impressive 500MB Hard Drive (2 RPM!) of storage capacity, ensuring that there is more than enough space to accommodate the vast and ever-expanding world of 0b0t. This allows players to explore and create to their heart's content, without the worry of running out of room.

Located in Germany, the server benefits from a robust and reliable infrastructure, providing an unstable and mass-lag environment for players to hate. The server's shitty hardware and non-efficient operation make it uncapable of handling the chaotic nature of an anarchy server, where griefing and cheating are rampant.



With a world size of over 9000 and a player count exceeding 150,000, the 0b0t server stands as a testament to its immense capabilities. It continues to thrive and provide a unique and unrestricted Minecraft experience for players worldwide.

Is 0b0t free?[]

0b0t is completely free to play! You can join at any time by entering the IP Address 0b0t.org in the multiplayer section of the game. There are no membership or registration fees required. So, come and experience the thrill of this rule-free, anarchic PvP environment where anything goes. Join the adventure on 0b0t and enjoy the vanilla survival gameplay with no restrictions. Start playing and immerse yourself in the uncharted world of 0b0t today! Batteries not included.

Why should I donate to 0b0t?[]

You really shouldn't, 0bOp doesn't need more money as he is already running off with most of the funds after Synio fucked his server.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a significant impact and help to keep 0bOp his expensive gucci bags and high coke addiction. Colombian cocaine is more expensive than ever with 0bOp requiring only the finest and fentanyl-free highs he can get.


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Thank you for being a part of the 0b0t community and for considering a donation. Together, we can ensure that this exceptional Minecraft experience continues to bring anger and sadness to players worldwide.

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