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PixelatedBrayden is rumoured to be the shadow owner of 0b0t. He joined on May 21st 2019 during the A Server Owner For Fun Era and ever since he joined, the server has never been the same since. He has been accused of doing sussy things with the owners behind the scenes like spawning illegal items and also placing illegal blocks such as bedrock and end portals. Too much admin abuse was caused because of this player, also known as a little trolling. His hentai addiction is also causing a plague on the server which is making players create hentai maparts and to harass the owners for illegal items.

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The Shadow Owner

PixelatedBrayden was leader of a now dead group in summer of 2019 called The Big Tiddy Grabbers. This group caused 0bOp to become increasingly horny and paid PixelatedBrayden in illegal items for sexual favours. This was controversial because at the time, PixelatedBrayden was 15 years old and 0bOp is in his 30s and because of the large age gap, PixelatedBrayden decided to catfish 0bOp and ultimately scammed him out of illegal items. He also threatened to turn 0bOp into the BND (Germany's version of FBI) if PixelatedBrayden didn't receive 5 minutes of console access and thus, the 5 minute backdoor began and illegal items such as 32ks, bedrock, and the cum bucket were spawned. It is believed that PixelatedBrayden still secretly has console access making him the shadow owner of the server but no one knows for sure.

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Illegal items

PixelatedBrayden is known to collect illegal items ever since 2019. He has used 32ks, placed bedrock, end portal frames and who knows how many shadow illegals he has. He has also made an entire bedrock comet but later asked Ethereas to remove it. One of his famous landmarks that still exists on the server till this day is the bedrock penis at the + - world border in the overworld which is the last illegal structure from the 5 minute backdoor. PixelatedBrayden still has 32ks, bedrock, end portal frames, and even more shadow illegals in an unknown location. Due to the amount of illegal items existing on the server, this grabbed the attention of law enforcement which ended up causing a raid at 0b0t Headquarters and law enforcement seized the server's hardware in order to wipe the illegals, and thus the anti illegal plugin was born and is rumoured to have government spyware bundled with it. However, some illegal item bypasses were discovered and due to the amount of bypasses discovered, the owner of the server, 0bOp had no choice but to switch the server from ubuntu linux to RedStarOS in hopes to prevent security breeches and bypasses being discovered.

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Backdoor Involvement

PixelatedBrayden was involved with 3 backdoors on the server. The 5 Minute Backdoor, The Dispenser Backdoor, and The Demon Eyes Backdoor. The 5 Minute Backdoor was from PixelatedBrayden catfishing 0bOp and getting 5 minute of console access. The Dispenser Backdoor was a backdoor coded by Pr3roxDLC. This allowed the placement of illegal items such as bedrock, end portal frames, and pig spawners. The bypassed worked by having a named dispenser called "H@ck_Th3_Pl@n3t" and all anti illegal checks would be ignored. The Demon Eyes Backdoor was from Ethereas using the Log4Shell exploit in late 2021 that gave root access to the server. With this backdoor, Ethereas created an egg with 100 attack damage, untextured food, unbreakables, ran /kill @e, downloaded all player NBT data, world data, uploaded region files that was a grand museum called The Dresden Zwinger containing many shadow illegals, and also downloaded all of 0bOp's nudes and sent them to Leeeunderscore. PixelatedBrayden would use this backdoor to create unbreakable pickaxes, cum buckets, the sword of bisexuality, femboy hooters made out of bedrock, leaked freelees's ip to TransAreObjects, banned all Germans from the server for 1 hour, and ended up redirecting 0b0t to Leeeunderscore's server. Due to this incident, 0bOp was not happy and wiped our playerdata and ranted about it on discord and spawned this certified hood classic.


Friendship with the Owners

PixelatedBrayden has been friends with the owners for a long time. He is pretty close with 0bOp and Ethereas. He helped 0bOp patch the blowjob exploit which allowed a player to be killed instantly with one blow from a bow. PixelatedBrayden and 0bOp also did a little trolling over at Leeeunderscore's server by backdooring the server together and blaming it on TheTroll2001, causing their friendship to break and for Leee to switch from 6b6t to 7b7t. PixelatedBrayden and Ethereas are also pretty close when it comes to friends. They both like to troll 0bOp from time to time, create sexy maparts together, send pizza to Leeeunderscore's house, troll the server by using crash exploits and forcing players to revert their illegal items. However, one day something unusual happened... Ethereas came out as bisexual and he wanted to make out with PixelatedBrayden. PixelatedBrayden was shocked to hear about this and ended up telling Ethereas that he was also bisexual and that he'd be fine with it. After their very totally straight kissing session. they went back on 0b0t and started killing newfags at spawn together with a cum potion. 0bOp was not happy to hear about this and took away our cum. The newfags we killed weren't so happy and decided to make an exposing video of Ethereas which caused him to be temporarily demoted.

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Impact to the server

PixelatedBrayden has impacted the server in many ways. He started the tradition of harassing the server owners for illegals, made the infamous meme known as "enable spawners", discovered many illegal item bypasses, leaked illegal items, creating terms such as "super illegals" and "shadow illegals". Whenever PixelatedBrayden would get a new illegal item, he would usually keep it to himself therefore keeping the rarity and value of the illegal item high. Players have caught onto this and whenever other players received an illegal item, they would follow in PixelatedBrayden's footsteps trying to keep it out of public hands.

King of the Server

In 2020-2021, the majority of the server considered PixelatedBrayden to be the king of the server. This is because he has a ton of illegals in his possession, is friends with the owners, caused chaos in the past with the group Akatsuki, discovered bypasses and would sometimes create funny maparts.

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