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The history of Point Nero

The beginning

Point Nero is a Group that was Found by Pr3roxDLC in July 2019. The Group was known for the construction of Point Nero, their first base. The Group started out a trio, including Pr3roxDLC, KottBruderLeo and LeDav3.

The Golden Era of Point Nero

After a few weeks, due to KottBruderLeo and LeDav3 not being present too often, Pr3roxDLC started to invite new players to the Group. This also let to a transformation of the group from a small private base to a massive public community that would allow many new players to join on a daily basis.

List of members before the 1st Crisis:

  • Point Nero Render by tntpower10.png
  • KottBruderLeo
  • LeDav3
  • tntpower10
  • xXxLightingxXx
  • Orayz_
  • BabunKing
  • [removed]
  • kribbel99
  • terminite
  • Archi3_

The 1st Crisis

Explained by Point Nero

Through this static increase of players there would be a black sheep sooner or later. This Black sheep came through [removed]. [removed] started out as a normal player at Point Nero and did not seem to be having any plans of any harm to the Group. After showing the base to a friend of him, without the permission of any other Point Nero member, this "friend" leaked the cords to the Point Nero Base in the server chat, resulting in several players showing up at Point Nero without any permission. After a group discussion, the Point Nero team decided to abandon the Point Nero Base and to move on to a new, private and further out base.

Explained by [removed]

Through out the short time i have based at Point Nero, i had started to become friends with quite a few people. But then, one of my friends by the name of [Removed by ephility to stop him from having publicity, sorry!] had found the base while exploring. Out of spite from irl things, he decided to leak the co-ordinates publicly causing mass outrage between the group and me. Soon after the base was greifed, it was abandoned so the group leader Pr3roxDLC could go to a new secret location to build a new base. I was not allowed to join the new base as of what my friend did. I had my own base as well but shortly after the news of Point Nero getting abandoned, it was griefed by the leader Pr3roxDLC, and one of the base mates, Orayz who is superior to me and usually kills me at spawn

New Era

The new Allies of point Nero

  • Masons
  • Toxilus
  • Singularity

The Updated Members list of the private base:

  • Pr3roxDLC (Leader)
  • tntpower10 (co-leader)
  • Kottbruderleo (doesnt play often Co-Leader)
  • LeDav3 (inactive Co-Leader)
  • xXxLightningxXx (member)
  • [removed] (member of the clan after being forgiven)
  • Orayz (Someone you dont want to beat you at pvp because he is toxic)
  • Probayy/Wall_Sign (member of the base with a weird name)
  • Archi3_ (hasnt played in a while)
  • BabunKing (Good and trusted builder of the base)
  • kribell99 (doesn't play often
  • terminite (inactive)
  • Killjoy7588 (good regular player)
  • Amisco (New member but one of the old fags)
  • MrChimyi (Newest Member and New player)
  • ThunderCloud_ (good regular player)

Builders and helpers from other clans

  • 1_P (co-leader of masons and great helper and builder of Point Nero)
  • X0Z0 (best redstone engineer part of 4th kike good friends with Point Nero)
  • Zenolite (Leader of the Masons and is friends with Point Nero)

Old Fags

  • Amisco
  • Orayz

The new ambitions of the base

Point Nero now inspires to be one of the biggest bases on the server with an area of at least 5000 blocks it is bound ur mom ngs appeared around the area. (X0Z0's mega duper, Killjoy's skyscraper, X0Z0's pvp arena and some pixelart)

BY tntpower10 2.png

Around 3 weeks after the construction started dylz22 griefed the base he got tp'd by Evergreenout and because they had an argument dlyz22 decided to grief the base.

Space Nero is the new point nero base, but has been self-griefed by the members themselves, many Toxilus members are there sometimes but most players still have another base, most old point nero players quit, some without every saying a word about quitting.

For me (tntpower10) point nero was the best experience i had on 0b0t, everyone working together to accomplish something like that is really great and the st nero grief killed the motivation of many members including me, i still play regularly but it hasnt been like it was before the grief.




The End of Point Nero

In early September 2019, Point Nero was declared dead, after most players left or became inactive. Most of the Group members joined Toxilus, a long time ally of the Group.

A Rebirth?

With many old players returning to the server, some of the OG Point Nero members came back to the server. With this new ammount of Players that once where members of Point Nero, the groupe again became a legendary group, that is sourrounded by myths and stories and still to this day, Pr3roxDLC, the leader of the group, is gettiting requests of new players, who want to join.