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Project Atlas was a small group that was composed originally of 3 members, Audism, Wetpp, and Supermrk. The three started mass producing kits that they would later give to lots of players. Passing these kits to players that then duped the kits making sure everyone had Project Atlas kits. The group would later invite Genderfluidhippo to their group after he insided Imperial and deleted them off of 0b0t and exposed ItsSkyLock for attempting to inside Project Atlas. Imp on bottom.

The group was disbanded because of inactiveness of some of the players. Wetpp is busy with his HARD CORE FACTIONS boyfriends and Supermrk is always playing 2k20. Genderfluidhippo took and absence from 0b0t but is now back and playing regularly. Audism never really left the server.

Some of Project Atlas's most memorable moments were trolling imps and our crusade against every base _ADumbDuck made by insiding him over and over again. We griefed him five times, and by the last time he said he quit.

Since the group has been disbanded the active members have moved to the group The 4 Amigos and continue to play from there.