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On April 10. a bot spammed a crypted message on reddit.com/r/dickbending.


One day later reddit user /u/VERONICA_DOOM left a message on the 0b0t discord where she said the following:


On the same day the crypted message got encrypted:

"April 9th, 2020.

Ok. I've figured out everything so far, and I will update this everything I see something new. If you see something I miss, tell me, as I cannot constantly check the server, I only check it when I wake up and before I go to sleep.

This seems to be a promotion for the Minecraft server 0b2t.org. If you check their discord and go to the Reddit feed there is a deleted post talking about promoting the server one bot at a time (both mods seem to be bots).

So yeah, this a way to promote a Minecraft server.

Translations :

The revolution has begun. BEWARE.'s translation is :

join 0b0t.org minecraft or u can bend ur own dick, also Hunterj1234 on top! (translated from binary)

Status 400's translation is :

You've passed the first of our many tests. Congratulations! Over the years we've seen many bent dicks, but none have matched the bent-i-ness of your dick. Wow. Amazing. Splendid. Now, if you have Minecraft, join the 0b0t.org Minecraft server and write in the chat the angle of your dangle in degrees or radians (just make sure to indicate units). If you do not have a Minecraft account, join this Discord https://discord.gg/WmXCfTA and indicate the angle of your dangle in discussions-α (again, indicate units). (translated from hexidecimal.)

Also, whats up with all the wows?

April 10th, 2020.

There is a new mod who only comments nice on every post.

Currently trying to solve the comment cipher ( 7fddd1a4d8cd8a5ee4aa52648 ).

Ok, I cannot solve the comment cipher. It doesn't work with hexidecimal, which it should, as it fits all the requirements to be in it if I am correct (0-9s only, A-Fs only). Please help me solve this.

I solved the Hope Exists posts too! ( Within the sea of troubles lies the 2nd half of the key to unlock your dick-bending powers. The 1st half of the key (4 numbers) as well as a hint for where to find the 2nd half can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/dick-bender-122998760/sets/find-the-map-for-the-2nd-half-of-the-key ) (The type was Octal)

The description has now been updated to "the map arts will tell the story" (originally "the books will tell the story"). If anyone has Java Edition Minecraft check out 0b0t.org and look for books and map arts, then tell me what they are about." (AMBgamer23, https://www.reddit.com/r/dickbending/comments/fy35hx/the_revolution_has_begun_beware/)

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