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Seamua, also known as Seamus or just Sea, is a 0b0t player known for co-creating a base with Dexter_Morgan66, as well as his use of illegal items and dupes in his builds. He joined the server on Christmas Eve, 2019.


Seamus joined the server on Christmas Eve, 2019, when some of the spawnfaggers were saying they would let the next newfag they saw go because of the holidays. However, when he got into the portal they made him do work if he wanted to survive, which he agreed too. This slave labor helped build a staircase on the Nether portal trap chambers, as well as after he was given a kit he built a roof over the staircase, too. After leaving 0,0 he started an alliance with Dexter_Morgan66 and they built a base together, which eventually grew to have 5 members. This base is known as "Vanilla Valley."