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What is Singularity?

Team Singularity is a faction created by users Street_y and ephilitq. The faction was originally used as an alliance between trusted users. Since then we've evolved to opening up new opportunities for new players.

Status: Disbanded (27/09/2019)

Date clan formed: 09/06/2019 (June)

List of current members -

  • Street_y (Founder)
  • ephilitq (Quit)
  • Jack_Gannon (Quit)
  • Patriot9330 (Pedophile)
  • PixelatedBrayden (Quit)
  • Kong_Carla (Quit)
  • probayy (?)
  • gamerEboy80 (?)
  • TransAreObjects (Quit)
  • OrangePixelGames (Inactive)
  • zopac (Inactive)

Relationships -

Players that are allied are: UnsnaggedSteak (ChickenJoel), 1_p.

Teams that are allied are: Toxilus, Team Vetrain, Harness

People we hate to hell: binary0, Dhuces.