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Spawn Rendering

The spawn


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Spawn is a hellish area where nothing makes any sense and you first start the game. It extends 25k blocks in every direction. You can't teleport to someone while you are in the region. It is greatly destroyed, mostly by cobblemonsters (so called lavacasts) created by players. The radius in which players randomly spawns in is 1k. The spawn is the area where a lot of pvp happens and it has the fastest changing landscape on the server. It is also the first things Newfags see when they first join the server.

How to escape:

  • From your spawn point go try to go about 1k in one direction from 0,0
  • After getting few hundred or thousand blocks in OW, try to find a nether portal
  • In the nether go to one of the four main highways
  • Escape the spawn on a highway
  • World-370
    Make sure to set a bed spawn when you find a place where its decently out!
BookClub V2 Was Here