0b0t Wiki


About us: Hello, we are a new group on 0b0t.org. We build bases. As well we expand the nether highway system. Most of our bases look great around the server. You can bases with any members in the group. We don't limit to just one base.

What main things do we do?: This group is mainly for the nether highway systems. If you join we would mainly want you to help repair them. Remember, we will supply tools if you die. The nether highways are very dangerous.


One day DJMAN_1 was at his base. He was talking to his friend Sphyincus about making a group. Sphyincus came up with the name "TeamEzic". A few day's later DJMAN_1 was at spawn, and entered the nether. At the time the nether hub was in such bad shape. Then DJMAN_1 got the idea to make TeamEzic a highway repair group. This bring us to today, where TeamEzic is still looking for new members to help repair the highways.

Founder: Sphyincus

Co-Founder: DJMAN_1

How to join: SIMPLE CLICK HERE AND APPLY https://discord.gg/Xs4cMK

Allies: Toxic Gas

Enemies: Team Clean ( They hate us because we are with toxic gas idk...)