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Team Spooken was founded by Spezz, CoverMC and ThePrxjekt, after Team Vulture renamed themselfes THOT GANG and got stupid. After a Discord Server was made they builded a temporar base and equpied themselfes.


- Valium

Valium was the first real base after many Temp Bases, it was in building time while it was griefed. The Base survived 2 weeks.

- Valium 2

Valium 2 was a rebuild from Valium by ThePrxjekt. He loved Valium so much that he never left it lel. Valium 2 was near the ruins of Valium. It got griefed after 3 months.


Team Spooken had many active Members, but they doesnt act together anymore. Some Members are now fucking around with enchanted glass, other started making their own thing. 


2019-06-15 01.47.05.png
2019-06-15 01.47.24.png
2019-06-27 16.55.46.png
  1. Random shit PixelatedBrayden made
PicsArt 05-29-04.34.12.jpg
Screenshot 1.png

2. more of that

3. Etika grave at Valium 2

4. Group Banner

5. Group Logo

6. Discord message from Group Leader